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Our Magazine

From many years' experience in providing the service for reclaiming VAT back for business travellers, we have learnt that the tax market can be very complex to understand for foreigners. It can be overwhelming to learn about commercial or corporate tax whilst travelling into Europe, especially the United Kingdom.


From extensive research, we have found that there is physically no publication aimed at the layman on the shelves to educate the foreign market on such issues. Our sister company Prestige VIP Service will officially be launching their very own branded magazine during the early part of 2017. It will allow for the readers to learn more about prestigious services available to them worldwide, educating them about complex issues they could potentially face whilst travelling, and reading interviews with prestigious travellers who will be contributing their thoughts and advice on how to become successful. This magazine will be free of charge to all our readers.


The magazine will be printed on a monthly basis with 25,000 copies distributed within the UK,  Europe, and the Middle East. For further exposure, additional copies will go out to worldwide exhibitions throughout the year. 


There will be advertising and sponsorship opportunities available, which will allow businesses to reach a wider international audience. For advertising and sponsorship enquiries, please email